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cat tree
cat tree
cat tree
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cat tree

Topeakmart cat tree, dark gray

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  • 【Multiple levels】This plush cat stand has multiple levels for cats to play, rest and sleep. Including two condos and three perches, this cat tree can satisfy several small cats’ needs. Considering its maximum weight capacity, it is not suitable for large-sized breeds.
  • 【Comfy entertaining tower】 Two fluffy condos offer super soft warm lounging spots; two dangling balls can respond to kittens’ move intensively and draw their attention. The lower condo has two doors for cats to go in and out easily.
  • 【Plush cat tower】This cat tree tower is crafted out of safe and durable materials. Safe particle boards are covered with upgraded soft and skin-friendly plush, and posts are coiled with natural sisal.
  • 【Anti-toppling】This multi-layer tower meets the climbing nature of kittens. Three top perches are for enjoying the feeling of being at the top of the world. For safety and stability, a strip is provided to secure the cat tree to the wall as the prevention tipping over.
  • 【Sturdy construction】Our plush cat tower is built in a solid structure, with an anti-toppling strap. The soft plush and durable sisal rope coiled posts are strong and sturdy enough to survive from those sharp little claws.


  • Material: particle board, paper, plush, and plastic
  • color: dark gray
  • Overall dimensions: 49 cm L x 49cm W x144.5cm H/19.5in L x 19.5in W x 57in H;
  • small condo size: 28cm L x 28cm W x 24cm H /11in L x 11in W x 9.4in H;
  • big condo size: 45.5cm L x 28cm W x 24cm H/ 18in L x 11in W x 9.4in H ;
  • scratching board size: 20.5cm W x 38cm H / 8in W x 15in H;
  • diameter of round platform: 29.5cm/11.6 in;
  • maximum load bearing: 45kg/99.2lb;
  • net weight: 13.8kg/30.4lb;
  • gross weight: 14.6kg/32.2lb


1. Keep the cat tree dry.
2. Pay attention to the fire.
3. Keep the cat tree clean for your beloved cat.
4. Please allow a 1cm/0.5" measurement tolerance.