4 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats in 2021 from Topeakmart

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What Are Cat Trees?

Cat tree is a piece of cat furniture or you can say a large cat toy where cats can play, exercise, relax and sleep on, also known as cat tree house, cat condo, kitty condo, cat stand, cat post, or cat tower. Cat trees diversify in size and configuration. Most of them aim to expand the vertical activity space in rooms and provide cats with structures that are built to satisfy their instinctive behaviors, such as hiding, scratching, climbing, relaxing and sleeping up high, etc.

large cat tree

Why do Cats Need Cat Trees?

Cats Use Height for Safety

Cats are the descendants of hunters. For hunting and security in the wild, they need to be very vigilant and tend to stay up high to keep an eye on the surroundings. This instinct also passes down to domestic cats. Therefore, you can always find your cats perching on a high shelf or the top of the fridge. Cat trees, especially those for large cats, are often designed in a decent height to provide cats with comfortable, clean, and safe high places than your furniture top to meet their natural needs for height and safety.

Shy Cats Feel More Confident

If you have easily-scared cats, cat trees with multiple condos will become their shelters or hideaways. Domestic cats are sensitive and vigilant animals who will hide and huddle themselves under the bed or in the closet, especially when they are introduced into a new place. Not to mention the shy cats, they will be even timider. Cat towers with small condos can offer shy cats a relatively enclosed spot that fits their sizes in a spacious room, which helps them feel secure and confident in a new place.

More Territory for Your Cats

Inherited from their wild ancestors, domestic cats have territorial behaviors like leaving visual or scent marks on your furniture by scratching, rubbing, or even spraying. To avoid your cats messing up your room, you can give them a cat tree that they can claim as their castle. After all, we all need a private space for ourselves under the same roof.

Enrichment for a Happy Feline

As an artificial structure that specially design for cats, the cat-oriented features of a cat tower like scratchers, condos, high perches, cat baskets, tunnels, hammocks will certainly increase your cats’ “happiness quotient”. One multifunctional cat tree can satisfy cats’ needs of climbing, scratching, relaxing, sleeping, and entertaining. Therefore, cats will not easily get boring when you’re busy or not at home.

Basic Features of Cat Trees

Cat Condo

The cat condo refers to the small individual “room” structure of a cat tree. It’s often made of soft plush and wooden board, and in a cubic, cylindrical, or oval cylindrical shape. The size of cat condos depends on the size of “target cats”, but in general, it won’t be very big as cats like small spaces. Cat condos can be seen as small bedrooms for a little R&R, or as hideaways when cats get nervous and seek security.

Cat Condo

Cat Scratcher

Literally, a cat scratcher is specially designed to meet a cat’s scratching instinct. It gives indoor cats an ideal spot to remove the old outer layer of their claws or leave territorial marks by scratching. Cat scratchers of a cat tree tower are often made of durable and abrasive materials like sisal ropes. A cat tree can have vertical scratchers like scratching posts or flat/slant scratchers like scratching pads/ramps.

Cat Scratcher

How to Choose a Perfect Cat Tree?


The capacity of a cat tree means the number of cats that it can accommodate. If you own multiple cats, they are more likely to have aggressive territorial behaviors like chasing, attacking, biting as they are innate territorial animals. So generally speaking, you need to prepare enough resting/lounging places like condos and perches for every cat. But it’s always better that the number of condos and perches is one more than the number of your cats. For example, if a family has 2 cats, they’d better buy a cat tree with 2 to 3 condos or perches to ensure that their cats won’t fight for a place to rest.

cat tree


Cats like to squeeze themselves into tight spaces so the size of a cat tree mainly depends on the size of your cats. For example, if you plan to buy a cat tree for your kittens/small adult cats, the dimensions of the perches and condos should be smaller, and the distance between tiers should be shorter. Vice versa for medium/large cats. Furthermore, cat trees should “grow” with kittens. As cats become bigger, the cat trees will need to be changed to satisfy their needs. There are cat trees for large cats and small cats on markets, it’s not a tricky thing to pick one that suits both you and your cats.

Functional Designs

1. Sleeping/Lounging Places –

Cat condos, baskets, hammocks, and perches can offer cats soft, warm, fluffy places for sleeping and lounging. Compared with open structures like a basket, hammock and perch, a condo is more of a half-enclosed space, which can provide cats with a sense of security additionally.

Cat condos

2. Scratching Surfaces –

Scratching surface on a cat tree can be located on the supporting posts, the perches or a flat/slant raised surface. Vertical scratching posts can also help cats stretch out their back, legs and paws while hooking their claws on the abrasive posts.

cat scratching surface

3. Levels & Elevators –

Levels and elevators make the cat tree more like an authentic tree. They mimic tree branches and help cats climb and exercise.

cat tree

4. Toys-

Cat trees that feature dangling toys (like sisal twines, furballs and toy mouses) and tunnels add more fun, making them more suitable for active and adventurous cats.

cat toys


The price of cat trees varies in size, materials, designs, and complexity, ranging from 20$ to 300$ on the market. Since most cat trees are made of engineered wood and plush covering, the price may differ in the quality and safety of the materials. The number of condos, perches and other functional structures will make a big difference in the price. Therefore, if you’re aiming to give your cats all-in-one cat furniture that can last for years, always go to a pricier one; if you want a temporary transitional cat tree for your kittens, a less-expensive one with safe materials is considerable.

What can You get for Large Cats from Topeakmart?

cat tree

#1 57.5” H Cat Tree w/Condo, Foam-Padded Perches, Hammock

cat tree

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Designed at a height of 57.5”, this cat tree for large cats provides a decent height for you to pet and interact with cats without leaning forward when they’re curling up in the top perch. After doing “parkour” on the cat tower, your cats can have a little R & R in the two nicely-cushioned top perches, leaning their heads on raised foam edging, or tuck themselves into the windowed cat condo to enjoy an after-meal nap.
Above the soft and fluffy hammock hangs a sisal twine, your playful cats can punch and bite the twine while snuggling comfortably in the hammock.
The two protruding levels can be set to face any direction according to the placement of the cat tree. Besides that, they can be flexibly adjusted to a higher or lower position.

cat tree


  • Available color: beige, dark gray, light gray
  • Material: particleboard, 400gsm plush, sisal rope, metal
  • Overall dimension: 24 x 20 x 57.5’’ (LxWxH)
  • Foam-edged perch: 16 x 16 x 4’’ (LxWxH)
  • Cubic condo: 16.3 x 14 x 11.2’’ (LxWxH)
  • Baseboard: 24 x 20 x 0.5’’ (LxWxThickness)
  • Maximum weight capacity: total: 88lb; condo/perch/hammock: 22lb; platform: 8lb
  • G.W.: 38.5lb

Pros & Cons

  • Four spacious sleeping/lounging places – 2 foam-edged perches, 1 condo, 1 hammock
  • Three available neutral colors – available in dark gray, light gray, beige, you can always find a perfect color to complete your room color palette
  • Customizable level structure
  • Only suitable for medium or large cats, kittens or small cats may find it difficult to climb

#2 58.5” H Cat Tree w/Condo, Hammock

58.5” H Cat Tree w/Condo, Hammock

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Composed of pet-friendly particleboard and fluffy plush coving, this cat tree for large cats can be attached to the wall by the built-in safety strap, ensuring added stability and safety when cats climb or leap on it.
The two carpet-covered perches give cats cozy “thrones” to oversee their realm. The roomy polyhedral cat condo can accommodate a large/medium cat like Maine Coon to curl up. Two dangling furballs are attached to the cat tree with elastic cords, which make them more responsive to cat punches. The fur toys can be detached and replaced with your cat’s favorite ones.
Ten cat scratching posts distributed in different heights satisfy multiple cats at once, and more importantly, free your delicate furniture from those sharp little claws. The sisal twine hung down from the level makes the bottom part of the cat tower less monotonous and more fun.

cat scratching posts


  • Available color: light gray
  • Material: particleboard, 400gsm plush, sisal rope, metal
  • Overall dimensions: 35 x 23.6 x 58.5inch (L x W x H)
  • Cat condo: 16.3 x 16.3 x 10inch (L x W x H)
  • Round perch diameter: 14inch
  • Maximum weight capacity: total: 62lb; condo: 18lb; hammock: 22lb; round platform: 9lb
  • G.W.: 36.8lb

Pros & Cons

  • Spacious sleeping/lounging places – 2 perches, 1 roomy condo, 1 hammock
  • Ten scratching posts in four heights
  • Cat tree secured to the wall by a safety strap
  • Great in the structure but furballs fall apart easily

#3 69.5’’H Cat Tree w/Condo, Basket, Tunnel, Hammock

69.5" H Cat Tree w/Condo, Basket, Tunnel, Hammock

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This 69.5” tall cat tree for large cats with a strong-built is an ideal piece of cat furniture for a family with multiple cats. Its soft-padded perch with foam edging sits at a height of 69.5”, allowing for overlooking the whole room or the beautiful view outside the French window.
Cats can choose to curl up in the cat basket or snuggle in the half-enclosed cat condo with a little window. But don’t worry if you also own a kitten, even a 3-month-old little furball can make his/her way to the bottom hammock.
Another highlight of this cat tree for large cats is the rotatable cat tunnel. It’s prepared for those more curious and adventurous cats and can be turned to face in any direction for them to play with.
This cat tree house also comes with a safety fitting to anchor it to the wall, giving both you and your cats a safe and secure user experience.

69.5” tall cat tree for large cats


  • Available color: light gray, dark gray
  • Material: particleboard, 400gsm plush, sisal rope, metal
  • Overall dimension: 23.5 x 21.5 x 69.5’’ (LxWxH)
  • Foam-edged perch: 16 x 16 x 4’’ (LxWxH)
  • Cat condo: 16.5 x 14.2 x 12.2’’ (LxWxH)
  • Tunnel: 10x10’’ (Dia.xL)
  • Baseboard: 23.5 x 21.5 x 1’’ (LxWxThickness)
  • Supporting post diameter: 3’’
  • Maximum weight capacity: total: 88lb; condo/perch/hammock/basket: 22lb; tunnel: 11lb
  • G.W.: 47.7 lb

Pros & Cons

  • Spacious sleeping/lounging places – 1 perch, 1 condo, 1 hammock, 1 cat basket
  • Rotatable cat tunnel for adventurous cats
  • Ample space to accommodate 2-3 cats
  • Complaints from cat parents of the hammock being a bit tricky for cats to conquer

#4 79’’H Large Cat Tree w/2 Condos, Basket, Ramp

79’’H Large Cat Tree w/2 Condos, Basket, Ramp


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This is a skyscraper of cat trees for large cats. With a height of 6' 7", this large cat tower makes full use of the vertical space in your room, turning a plain room corner into a superb cat entertainment park. It prepares ample lounging and napping places for multiple cats – 3 plush-covered perches, 2 cozy cat condos (1 big, 1 small), and 1 soft cat basket.
All the supporting posts are coiled with sisal ropes, totaling 9 cat scratching posts designed at different heights. If your kittens or Munchkins find it hard to get on the level, the corrugated sisal ramp is there to help. These cat scratchers help cats stretch their back, sharpen claws, and encourage positive scratching behavior.

cat trees for large cats


  • Available color: light gray, dark gray
  • Material: particleboard, 400gsm plush, sisal rope, metal
  • Overall dimension: 23 x 23 x 79'' (LxWxH)
  • Baseboard: 23 x 23 x 1’’ (LxWxThickness)
  • Round perch: 11.8 x 3.3’’ (Dia. x edge height)
  • Polygonal cat condo: 16.3 x 16.3 x 12.2’’ (LxWxH)
  • Round cat condo: 12.2 x 12.2’’ (Dia.xH)
  • Basket diameter: 11.8’’
  • Ramp: 23 x 7’’ (LxW)
  • Max. Load Capacity: condo: 27lb; perch: 15lb; basket: 9lb
  • G.W.: 44.5lb

Pros & Cons

  • Ample space to accommodate 3-4 medium/large cats - 3 perches, 2 condos, 1 cat basket
  • Long corrugated sisal ramp and nine sisal-wrapped posts encourage positive scratching behavior
  • Secured to the wall by a safety strap for enhanced security
  • Requiring a relatively higher room ceiling

How to Install Topeakmart Cat Trees?

Each of our cat trees for large cats comes with a step-by-step instruction manual and tools to help you setup. Other than that, we have prepared assembly videos for every cat tree model to present you with more visual and clearer installation steps. View the installation video on the our YouTube channel.
The assembly video of the 79" h large cat tree mentioned in the article is attached below:

FAQs about Cat Trees and Towers

Where should I put the cat tree?

First and foremost, it’s always safer to place your cat tree against the walls or a French window. Cats will jump, climb, and leap from furniture to furniture, so a cat tower that stands alone in the room can possibly be knocked down or tipped over by your little athletes, which may hurt your pets or cause undesired property damages.
Since most cat tree houses are designed for indoor, keeping them inside the house rather than open places like patio or balcony can extend their lifespan to some degree.
Other than these, you can place the cat tree according to your pets’ liking. If you have a clingy cat, you can move his/her cat tree to your bedroom so that he/she can sleep with you at night. If your cat enjoys socializing, the most traffic place – the living room is an ideal spot to locate his/her cat condo. Or if your cats have the most frequent place in the house, you can put the cat tree tower there to help them get used to it.

cat tree tower

 How can I make my cat tree more stable?

1. Attach the cat tree for large cats to the wall by the provided safety strap for added stability.
2. Place the cat tree in a corner against two walls, which can effectively reduce wobbling.
3. If your cat tree has a small base, you can increase the size of the cat tower base by reinforcing it with larger and heavier boards.
4. The use of metal brackets that reinforce the cat tower structure is also recommended.

How to get my cat to use the new cat tree?

Location matters. Put the cat tree in an easy-to-spot and access part of the house to make sure your cats can quickly notice and easily climb on the new cat furniture. If your cat has a specific spot in the house he/she enjoys the most, you can try to set up the cat tower there to attract and pique his/her interest.

Rewards and Enticement. Reward your cats with their favorite food, treats and catnip when they climb on the cat tree. By doing this, your cats will learn to associate the act of climbing/playing on the cat tree with food, and gradually get used to the cat tree. Or you can sprinkle some catnip crumbs on the perches or in the cat condos to attract your cats’ attention and get them to use.

Be their teachers. Cat tree in cats’ eyes is just a giant coming from nowhere. Cats are curious about it but maybe don’t know how to use it. So, in their first meet, you can gently hold your cats’ paws to scratch on the cat scratching posts, to punch the dangling fur toys, or move them to the cat condo or perch to see if they enjoy staying in it.

How do I clean my cat tree?

To remove the hair and dander from cat trees, you can use lint rollers or wide tapes to rub over the surface. This step can pull out most of the loose pet hair and dander as possible, avoiding them be stuck in the vacuum in the following steps. Then use a vacuum with a brush attachment to brush the cat tower thoroughly and remove the remaining hair. Stains can be spot cleaned with water, a toothbrush and cat safe cleaner or dish detergent.

When should I replace my cat tree?

When the sleeping/lounging places like perches and cat condos are too small for your cats or the plush covering or sisal ropes are worn out, revealing the engineered wood layer, your cat furniture should be replaced to satisfy your cats’ needs or to avoid the potential dangers.

Customer Impressions from Amazon

Below are some loving reviews from our satisfied Amazon customers and their cats:
“great bang for your buck…All 5 of my cats love the tree…”

cat tree review

“the most epic cat perch available at this cost”

cat tree review

“very impressed with how easy this was to assemble”

cat tree review

“3 cats, tow over 20lbs and a kitten, they love to jump all over this and play…”

cat tree review

“our grandma cat can navigate this with ease…very sturdy and designed well!”

cat tree review


If you’re planning to get your cats a cat tree, you definitely want to choose the one that is fit for their sizes and can provide a relaxing or exciting experience. To some extent, cat trees for large cats are more cost-effective since their sizes are suitable for any sized cats, and the functions are diverse, and the materials may be more wear-resistant and durable. Even maybe someday you have another new cat, the large cat tower can handle it without a problem.
If you have any further questions, welcome to contact us via info@topeakmart.com.

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