How To Welcome Home A Second Dog?

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When we are talking about how to welcome a second dog, we are actually saying how to let our first dog accept the fact that he/she is no longer the only baby in the house. Dogs are animals and they do not just naturally accept a new comer in their territory. There are several tips and fact that all dog families should be concerned about.

The first prerequisite: before you bring the puppy to your home when you are ready to raise a second puppy, you should know whether the conditions and environment in your house are suitable for him/her because two puppies need a large family space to adapt in separately at the very beginning, if there are plenty space in your house, you can divide the area for them before the second puppy arrive, so that many unnecessary risks will be avoided in the early stage, and it also will be better if the open area is large enough, because the dogs can be very naughty.
The second step: it is best to put two dogs in different rooms. This step is very important, which can make the new puppy adapt to its own environment and familiarize itself with the facilities and smells in its own territory. Moreover, the original dog of the family must not come in this room, because the dog's nose is very sensitive, once there is any other smell, it will cause their reactions to stress and fear, resulting in a longer time to adapt to the new environment for the new puppy.

After a period of adaptation, we began to take the first small step, which is also very important. When they first entered each other's room, both sides would feel a lot of curiosity and incomprehension. Since the dog's nose is sensitive, there must be some maladjustment when we first met, but don't worry, they will soon be comfortable with each other in terms of smell and appearance after sniffing for a short period of time.

The third important step is: to maintain the relationship between the original dog and the new arrival puppy, then we all know that the two dogs have been going along fine when they are in the same space and they have gradually accepted each other's existence after a period of time at home, and then there will be some fights when eating together at home, which is perfectly normal, but at this time, we should pay attention to them as well, stop them in a minute when the fight is going serious.

The fourth step: prepare a place for each puppy to hide for shelter when they have big fights or under fear and pressure, if two pets have big conflicts for some reason such as food, both sides can go back to their own hiding space to heal and calm themselves. There is another factor that should be noticed is that within one week after two dogs being together, the owner must do a really good job of supervision, since the puppies, after all, have just started to make contacts with each other and they don't know whether their personalities can get along or not.

Therefore, owners should pay enough attention under this stage. Dogs are cheerful and warm, and they are the most loyal friends of mankind. Keeping dogs can not only relieve anxiety, but also accompany you silently. Dogs bring a lot of joy to our lives.
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1. There is a saying that dogs are inferiors, but there is also a saying that humans also are sorted in different grades in dogs' eyes. After entering a human family, If one is the hostess but he/she usually takes care of the dog and feeds it more frequently, they will follow this particular person’s order. On the contrary, dogs will be in awe of the male host at home. Moreover, they also know that elder generation have higher status. The dogs turn to ignore younger people when the young person and old person both exist in one house.

2. We all know that dogs are social animals. Where a group of dogs that been kept in kennels or in rural areas, there is always a leader who leads and manages them, acting like the lead dog and have its several small rights. For example, the lead dog doesn't allow other dog to check the genitals of the rest dogs, but the lead dog can. Other dogs are also not allowed to excrete into the urine of other dogs. Other dogs can sit down, lie down or wag his tail in front of the leading dog, except for standing straight in front of the lead dog. Therefore, the owners should not spoil dogs too much in case the dog might think it has priority than other dogs.

3. Dogs usually mark the territory with their own urine and they always acting bolder in their own territory. If the dog goes to a strange place, such as veterinary where has lots of smells that belong to other pets, they might be too scared to go in side. Generally, a territory should belong not only to a dog, but also to a group of dogs.

4. Dogs have the habit of barking, which is also a kind of instinct. If there are strangers or police cars passing by on the road, they will bark incessantly. And dog barking is also a way to connect with each other.

5. Born to like to be close to people, if dogs come into contact with humans from an early age, they are often caressed by their owners, familiar with the smell of the owner. They will get into the habit of being close to others and listening to your human friend. Dogs especially, like to play with children.

6. In fact, many dogs in the wild may only eat one meal to go through few days or one whole day. However, if you raise them at home, their eating habits will be different. They will adapt to the new routine for meals pretty much soon. Owners can decide the feeding schedule according to the size and breed of dogs. As long as the given meals can guarantee the basic nutritional needs, your puppy will most likely to be healthy and happy under your parenting.
For some cheerful and outgoing dogs, the arrival of new friends is a great pleasure, and they are excited about it. Maybe they get along very happily and play with each other a lot, but that doesn't mean you can be relaxed and let them go completely. Even if your original dog is very friendly to the new dog, it is possible that the two puppies will get injured because the might get over-excited, or it will see the new kid as its own living toy. This requires you to create a process for them to get along with each other slowly. At first, put the new puppy in a cage or a fence, so that it can get to know each other and have no direct contact with the original dog at home. When they are familiar with each other and no longer have much novelty, that is the time they can play together. Of course, at this moment, we must take strict care of them, once there is excessive excitement, we will re-isolate them, cool down their enthusiasm and repeat this process for several times

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