Best Ferret Cage In 2021: Full Buying Guide By Ferret Owner

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Before bringing your beloved little ferret home, you need to prepare a comfortable and safe environment for your pet to eat and sleep. Here are some guidelines for buying a ferret cage to help you out.


Buying Guide

Ferrets make a fun pet for anyone looking for a furry companion that’s adorable and social, yet not quite as high maintenance as a dog or a cat. With their cute fluffy figures, smart little brains and playful characters, ferrets always win our affection with both their appearance and inside. Therefore, it’s preferable that you have prepared a ferret cage and filled it with everything a ferret may need before you take your fluffy friend home that your new pet will need to live a happy healthy life in your home.

What to Look for When Choosing a Ferret Cage?

Ferrets have a smaller weight —females weigh anywhere from 0.75 pounds to 2.5 pounds and neutered males clock in at 2 to 3.5 pounds. Although ferrets don’t weigh much, they can grow to be as much as 16-inches in length—and even ferrets in the smaller size need plenty of room to exercise.


Choosing the largest ferret cage you can afford depending on the number of ferrets you have, the size of them and the space in your house, get the largest ferret cage you can get. If you're a nine-to-five worker or a student, you don't have a lot of time to play with your pet. Your pets will be in the cage for most of the time, you need to get the largest ferret cage you can.

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Ferrets are active, and a large enough cage will provide a space for your pet to mimic the natural environment in the wild so the ferret can exercise in it. For example, ferrets can crawl from side to side and jump from bracket to bracket. In addition, in large cages, you will need extra space to be equipped with hammocks, tubes, ladders, feeders and have perfect places for ferrets to hide away. Ferrets love to get into dark places and curl up to get away from everything, the cage should be equipped with a box or a fabric bag where the ferret can hide away in the dark. Otherwise, your little friends may likely get depressed if being kept in a small cage with no much entertainment. In addition, it is best to choose a multi-story ferret cage rather than a single-story one. Because ferrets love to climb up and down, a multi-layer cage will give your pet more fun and room to move around.

A Secure Lock

Ferrets are known to be escape artists, so a cage with a secure lock is an absolute must. Not only could they get lost if they do manage to break free, but they might also gnaw furniture in your home or chew through wires or a screen door and make their way into the outdoors. Ferrets are known to swallow anything they can get their mouths on, which can make them sick. Examine the lock on your cage closely and if you do notice your pet trying to open it, consider a backup lock.

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Bar Spacing

Choosing the appropriate bar spacing is choosing safety. The spacing of the ferret cage consists of the horizontal and vertical spaces between the fingerboards. If you choose the wrong spacing for your ferret cage, there may be some safety risks. If the spacing between the bars is too wide, your ferret may stick its head out of the bars, get stuck, or even squeeze through to escape. Conversely, if the pole spacing is too small, you and your ferret may be blocked from interacting or getting to know each other! Therefore, proper bar spacing can help your little friend familiarize himself with his new home as soon as possible, while also keeping them safe.

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Material and Quality

Ferrets are notorious chewers and escape artists, you should choose a cage that is safe and high-quality allows your ferrets to run and play and get the exercise they need.

Pay attention to the overall quality of your ferret cage for your vulnerable pets. Given the nature of ferrets, an ideal ferret cage should be safe, hygienic and durable. Instead of a plastic ferret cage, you're better off choosing a stainless steel cage with non-toxic waterproof paint. This kind of combination prevents rust, makes it easier for later cleaning, and inhibits bacterial growth, making it safe for ferrets to chew on the cage. Also, when choosing a reliable ferret cage, be sure to thoroughly check for the cage sharp edge/corner exposed in neither the inner nor exterior of the cage to protect your pet from potential risks.

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Advantages of Using A Ferret Cage

Good for Ferrets’ Health

A multiple-layer ferret cage with larger width and length provides adequate room for pets to climb, run, and play. If a cage is too small, ferrets can get depressed because they have a small range to exercise, which invisibly inhibits the animal's natural love of movement and will lead to lead to some serious consequences, such as appetite loss, aggression in behavior, the fur loss and other health problems.

More Space to Play and Live

Ferrets are lively and highly active in short bursts (similar to a small dog). If you can't spend a lot of time playing with them every day, you need to prepare a lot of accessories to build a small amusement park rich enough to provide them with enough entertainment pieces of equipment and enough space to enjoy themselves. In addition, the cages are large enough to accommodate several ferrets so that they can get along well with each other and play happily without feeling crowded or uncomfortable. Furthermore, it relieves the stress of not having enough time to play with them.


Friendly Management

Ferrets are active and easily susceptible to the outside environment, such as cold air, high temperature, direct sunlight and so on. So you need a cage to manage the neatness of the environment and protect the pet from being affected by moving the position in your house. A large movable ferret cage will bring you great convenience.


In a nutshell, ferrets are very intelligent and very active animals. Due to their living habits and animal nature, ferrets need a spacious and comfortable place to play and live. When creating a comfortable place for your ferret, you need to take into account various factors, such as ferret size, number of ferret pets, room availability, cage materials, and adequate entertainment facilities for your ferret. Therefore, please consider the above buying suggestions and you can find the most suitable cage for your little friend.

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